Monday, June 27, 2011

Harry Potter Movie Rituals

Preparing for an event is sometimes as important as the event itself. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is as important as the holiday. Finding a great pair of shoes for a big event is as important as finding the right date. Over the course of the Harry Potter movies, I have made up my own rituals. Before each movie is released I:

  • Reread the book that the movie is based on.
  • Watch the previous movie (or, sometimes, all of them). I’ve got the DVDs ready.
  • Eat the same snack at the movie - Nonpareils and Sour Patch Kids. Try it. Trust me.

Harry Potter 4 was my low point as a professional. I left work a early (with someone who reported to me) to go see the movie in the theater near our office. My boss found out. He wasn’t upset but did come up with a non-traditional punishment for us. In our weekly, company-wide email, he told everyone what we had done and encouraged all employees to ridicule us. They did. For about four months.

Do you have a pre-HP ritual? Did the movie make you do something you regret? Tell us about it in the comments and you could win a pre-publication copy of Pretty Bad Things by C.J. Skuse!

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  1. This'll probably make you mad, but had to share.

    I go to the HP movies with someone I report to - my boss. We've had joint family outings to see the movies since HP 4. This year, we decided the final movie was worthy of the midnight showing, so I knew coming in late the next day would be okay. It was boss-sanctioned!

    In fact, I'm pretty sure HP got me my job. The summer I interned and met my boss was the summer HP 6 (book) was released. I figured out who RAB was before my boss and to this day, I think that's the reason he wanted to hire me.