Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cookbook Review: Our Korean Kitchen

The past week was dedicated to Korean food at our apartment, with the bulk of our meals coming from Jordan Bourke and Rejina Pyo's Our Korean Kitchen

Warming chicken and
potato stew
We made six recipes from the book, including Warming Chicken and Potato Stew (page 76), Chicken Rice Cake (page 230) and Vegetable Hot Pot, and the delightfully simple Kimchi Fried Rice (page 31), which could easily become a staple.

Chicken, rice cake and
 vegetable hot pot

All of the recipes we tried turned out at least well, with most on the delicious side, and the recipes were well-written and easy to follow. The recipes were also adaptable in the sense that it was easy to substitute veggies on hand if we didn't have enough of one ingredient. 

Visiting HMart was better
than presents on Christmas!
Because we weren't able to source many of the ingredients from Fresh Direct, we took a Christmas Day shopping trip to HMart, a specialty grocery store near Penn Station in New York, and bought kimchi, tofu, gochujang paste, Korean rice cakes, and dumpling wrappers.

Ingredients: Some of the ingredients might be hard to get if there's not a good Asian grocery store near you but that's what the internet's for!
Pictures: Good
Skill level: Definitely good for beginners but there are real challenges for experienced bakers. 
Keep or cull: Definitely a keeper.