Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book Shopping at Foyle's

Last week I went to London for a few business meetings, to catch up with friends and do some book shopping. My favorite bookstore in London is called Foyle's and I stayed in a hotel just down the street to maximize my time there. Foyle's YA area was a real education about the scene and I thought some of you would like to hear about it.

Recently Foyle's has been fronting Noir books from all genres. They picked a good time to do it with YA because of the range of solid books that have darker themes have been published lately.

I noticed that Foyle's is also offering more fairy tale YA books than are typically available in US stores. I think the UK market may be a little ahead of this curve.

If you like cover art, book tickets to London today. The covers generally have more colors and detailed drawings. The UK version of The Future of Us was my favorite. And, the art looks great on the paperbacks. The glossy finishes pick up the light and make you think you can stuff your bag with them. I did.

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