Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't Stop Believin'

This is pretty stupid. I have a full time job, a baby, a workout schedule, friends and all the other trappings of adult life. They all suffer (a little) so that I can spend about 12-14 hours per week writing a book that stands a small chance of being published. Even if it is published it stands a pretty good chance of earning enough to buy lunch for me and a friend – as long as we eat at a pretty cheap place.

At times I’ve thought of redirecting my computer use to the stuff people usually use them for: Facebook, newspapers and shopping for sewing supplies. Sometimes I think of diverting my time into reading other people’s books. But I don’t…because I believe that my book is going to get published.

My husband helps me get time to work on my book by giving me the confidence to occasionally say “no” to social events and scrubbing toilets. He has taken over much of the house cleaning. Sometimes he talks about “Thud Factor.” That’s the pride he’ll feel when a book with my name on it lands on a table. I think he’s more confident that my book will be published than I am.

We may be stupid, but we won’t stop believin’.


  1. Sam, if it's your passion, then keep going! There will be rewards regardless of what luck happens in the publishing world (AND your manuscript is on my list of must-reads. Let me finish the Eugenides book, and I'm going to hop on it next ;-)). - Pan Pan

  2. Never give up, Sam. I know things can get discouraging sometimes, but if you keep going, I know you will get there. Also you have a great husband, who seems really, really supportive and that can be half the battle. Keep up the good work!