Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bacon and Boundaries

“Testing boundaries” is a really nice way of saying “scaring the stuffing out of yourself.” I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. I ate (and liked) sausage. I ventured away from my two book genres (YA and cook books). I even bought and wear a brighter shade of lipstick than I usually wear.

Weirdly, I’m doing this because of Jamie Oliver. My good friend Olivia was kind enough to get me Jamie Oliver’s Meals in Minutes for my birthday. To my chagrin, many of the recipes have things I don’t usually eat, like bacon and sausage. And while you can make some substitutions when you’re cooking, you can’t substitute anything for bacon. It stands by it’s salty, smoky self.

Tell us about a time when you stepped outside of your comfort zone. Type it in the box below (don’t forget your email) and you could win a book about a girl who stepped way out of hers! It’s and ARC Dumpling Days by Grace Lin. In this book Pacy and her family move to Taiwan. Like many people who relocate, Pacy is confronted with another language, different customs and a big lifestyle change. Fortunately the dumplings are great and they help her get through it all.

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  1. Speaking of bacon, I was a weird eater when I was a child, and for many years my poor mother had to cook me bacon every night for dinner. So for me, stepping out of my comfort zone meant trying (and enjoying!) pizza at age 13. (and by the way, I read the first two Pacy books, loved them, and am excited about the upcoming one!)