Sunday, June 5, 2011

Which Team Are You On?

Which Team Are You On?

Shirts or skins? Republicans or Democrats? Sharks or Jets? There are so many teams to choose from! But the question dogging the YA world is Xander or Ky? Normally I have my mind made up early. Edward (not Jacob), Gryffendor (duh!)… etc. But I’m having a lot of trouble picking between Xander and Ky. Here’s how I see it:

Xander seems really stable, and secure and even a little boring. He is the complete opposite of that jerk who kissed your friend. But he’s not bland. He’s got depth and a little mystery.

Ky has a tragic story that makes even the animals at the shelter say, “Dude, that sucks.” He takes risks and he’s flawed so he’s exciting and gives you something to complain to your girlfriends about.

I’m having trouble figuring out which one is the best match for Cassia. What do you think? Enter your choice and say why in the comments below and you could win a copy of Popular by Alissa Grosso.

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  1. This is difficult. In a book, I like the excitement that comes with boys like Ky. But in real life, I'm Xander all the way.

    So I pick Ky - because he's more fun to read about than the Xanders of the bookish world. Unless you can fix that... ;)

    Sara @ The Hiding Spot