Monday, December 13, 2010

Giveaway #11 - Illustrated Books

My friend Kieron Black was in New York over the weekend. Kieron and I are at roughly the same point in our writing processes and we agreed to critique each other's first 50 pages.

We started out talking about trends in the young adult and middle grade reader books, particularly about the number of books with illustrations that are out there like Scott Westerfield's Levithan series. Kieron, who is also an illustrator, is writing an action and adventure story about a young boy named Prawn who gets swept up in the middle of a war between sea creatures. Kieron is using his illustrations to give the reader a clearer picture of the sea creatures and their world.

This made me wonder: what's your favorite example of a young adult or middle-grade book with illustrations? Tell me in the comments are below and you'll have a chance to win an advanced reading copy of Lovesick, the third book in the Ghostgirl series by Tonya Hurley. The series is a kind of neo-gothic, Edgar Allen Poe-influenced series about a girl named Charlotte Usher and it has beautiful illustrations.

Post your response in the comments section below and I'll select a winner in one week.

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