Monday, July 19, 2010

Magic Phones and Why I Don't Write Fantasy

I was recently reading a copy of Sarah Mylnowski's new book, Gimme A Call. It's got a neat premise: a girl who just graduated from high school is able to call her fourteen-year-old self and try and save her from some of the mistakes that she made. The biggest one is getting involved with the guy who ends up breaking her heart.

While some of my favorite books are fantasy books, it's not a genre that I ever see myself writing in. As a reader, I can believe that there's a Platform 9¾ and that it's possible to walk through a wardrobe into a different world but I can't apply that belief to my own writing.

I think that my job is a big reason for this. I’m a financial journalist. The parts of the financial industry that I write about are partially about the present and partially about what people think that the future will be. If I do my job well, I can separate the facts from the marketing spin and get to the best view from my sources.

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