Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Book Giveaway #1

You love books, right? That means you really love free books. What's even better than free books? A book you won in a writing contest. This week I'm going to give away a copy of Simone Elkeles' new book, Perfect Chemistry, to the person who writes the best review of a book they've read recently. To get into the contest, follow me on Twitter (@LivingLilWomen) or join my group on Facebook. Then, post your review below. On Friday I'll announce the winner.

I scored copy of Perfect Chemistry when I went to see the Elkeles, a New York Times best-selling author, speak at the New York Teen Author Carnival. It's told partially from the view of Brittany, who is from a rich neighborhood, and partially from the point of view of Alex, who is from a poor one. Their teacher assigns them to be each others' lab partners. Tension and romance ensue.

Obviously, most of the book is focused on the relationship between Brittany and Alex. But I thought Brittany's relationship with some of the secondary characters, like her sister Shelley and Isabel, a girl on her pom-pom squad, told me more about what Brittany was really like early on in the book. She is kind and caring in her interactions with her sister and Isabel and this is a pleasant contrast to her self-oriented focus on upholding the idea that she's the perfect girl from the perfect family. One last thing: if you're the kind of girl who falls in love with boys in books, Alex is a good one to get to know. On the panel I went to, Elkeles said that Alex was probably hers.

Good luck!

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